At NW Custom Boat Works we turn your dreams into realities and
create your ultimate fishing machine.  We design towers to mount
your Radar, Antenna, GPS, all around light, and anything else you
want protected and up and out of the way.  We also add rod, net and
gaff holders on the top, back arch and sides.  All pre-drilled for wiring
down through the tower and into the gunnel.

Our custom arches are designed to compliment the lines and angles of your boat
top and windows for increased visibility and safety

Our goal is to make your boat the ultimate fishing platform!  Our designs free up
deck space and give you easy access to your gear.  Your rods, nets, and gaffs are
up and out of the way for travel keeping your rods and reels from being damaged
on the deck and from salt spray.

Be the envy of your fellow captains!  Our designs complete your look and improve
equipment efficiency.  The electronics are mounted on top, your radar is on a
pedestal that leans forward and the GPS is on a stand that also supports the all
around light.  The Antenna are also mounted on top and this gives you up to five
more feet in height, which translates into approximately two more miles of
North West Custom Boat Works
Silverton, Oregon


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N W Custom Boat Works
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Crab Davit mounted on the tower
Customer wanted it and he got it.
This a very good idea as it gets the
davit off of the gunnel and out of the
Here is another special modification.
The design clears the windows and
folds down to fit in the shop.
Mounted on a hard top this has all
the bells and whistles.
Rod holders, Radar & Antenna mounts
even outriggers.  Just pull the pin
deploy the outriggers and
start catching Tuna.
Here is a hues all decked out and
to chase Tuna
Here is a happy Crew.  Dad gets the boat
decked out for fishing, then when it gets
warm the deck hand is going to get towed
from the wake board tow point.
This is a 26ft. Tolly Craft with fly bridge.  We started with the bases that
you can see attached to the gunnels of the boat and the upper plate is
attached to the fly bridge.  On top of the base we welded in the pins
which will allow the upper tower to fold down for transport.  The upper
tower sports 12 rod holders in the removable arms.  One each side of  
the tower you can see where the out rigger poles fit in a rod holder
socket.  These out riggers will work for either release clips for rod lines or
they can be used for hand lines.  At the center point of the poles there
are double eyelets allowing the forward eyelet to be attached to a line
that is affixed to the bow of the boat.  Personally I like to run four hand
lines and four rods separated on the set back. This method is so efficient
that the fish boxes can be filled up in short order.